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Viscant’s Mailbag; Zero, Structure and Dreams of Celine Dion


 Hi everyone. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions! If I didn’t get to your question here I’m probably saving it for a future bag, people sent in a lot of really interesting stuff.  If you want your question answered, drop me a line on Facebook or at (more…)

Viscant’s Mailbag; Tiers, Teams and Betting on Red


Viscant here, emptying my mailbag.  Recently I’ve received a lot of questions through email asking about character selection and why you should make the decision to switch so I thought I’d post this and help out as many people as possible.  If you’d like me to answer a question you have, drop me a line on Facebook or email, (more…)

Viscant’s UMvC3 Team Tier List Part 1



In response to the many MMCafe individual tier lists produced by members of the community, Seth Killian challenged people to do something more practical and tier the game by teams.   After all, Marvel 3 is a team game and the rank of any individual character is both hard to pin down and somewhat meaningless by itself.  What if this character has his best assist?  OK, well what if he doesn’t?  What if it’s a character like Trish who beats some top tier characters and loses to some bottom tier characters?  What the heck do you do with a character like Frank who has a good assist and is a great character with level 5 but is a pretty weak character before leveling up? (more…)