Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Trailer #1 analysis


If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, let me bring you up to speed; Guilty Gear is back, and this isn’t just a fresh coat of paint or another super turbo hyper #reload slash edition balance patch. Maybe you’re one of the doomsayers that say this is the end for the sprite based god of 2D gaming, but I’m looking forward to a fresh vision for my favorite fighting game of all time. With that out of the way, allow me to discuss what exactly is going on in this 2:52 minute long teaser.

0:50 – Here we go, the first second of footage that showcases changes to the character’s outfits, weapons, and a pretty badass wild wild east(?!) background. Sol’s sword has now turned into some crazy ass lighter, Ky wants to grow a ponytail like Sol and nothing else is worth mentioning. They chat it up and smash each other’s swords in at…

1:03 – Oh, and the game is 2.5D. MIND BLOWN. I can’t believe Ky still has his 3HS. And clashing is still in it. We’ll touch base on that in a second, though…

1:09 – The first combo shown off is a doozy. The old S -> HS -> Grand Viper. Since the addition of clean hits, Sol hasn’t had the whiff this attack and die version. It seems that right off the bat, they’re ignoring the most recent changes to his design.

1:15 – Ky gets his turn, showing the old standby 5K -> S -> HS -> 236K. Thankfully it looks like the slide -> knockdown portion still doesn’t combo unless you space it perfectly, so we get to see our first Forest Blazing moment right off the bat. At this point, nothing “interesting” has really been shown off, and this entire article has been obvious stuff. OH YEAH.

1:25 – Now we’re talking. Ky launches Sol and we see that the infamous BURST mechanic is still in the game, and the hit doesn’t cause a hard knockdown. Sol runs in and does a non-force break Fafnir (again, hints of XX / #R style Sol) and Ky performs a 6P, giving him either a brand new counterhit effect that I’m dubbing “the tumbleweed” or a revisioned slide. We’ll stick with the tumbleweed now to keep with the Wild Wild East imagery. Sol then gives himself the most manly manicure I’ve ever seen and lights himself on fire. The next combo you see showcases how true to his design they’re keeping Sol, every single attack shown is a direct sprite copy of his previous versions.

1:44 – The real meat of the trailer however comes in right here. The clash sequence showcases either some major changes to the clash system, or we’re getting trolled and I’m a nerd. Sol performs a close Slash, while Ky performs a 6P, resulting in a clash. Much like in the past, they can cancel out of the recovery of their clash frames into another attack. This led to a lot of randomness or completely awesome fireworks in matches, but generally doesn’t play a strong role in competitive play. What’s interesting about the 2nd set of attacks is that Sol’s far slash clashes with Ky’s heavy, resulting in Sol being stuck in a bit of recovery, and Ky recovering instantly. Round 3:  Sol performs standing HS vs. Ky’s close slash, resulting in Ky having recovery and Sol winning the trade on the ground. And finally, we see Ky’s jumping HS vs. Sol’s crouching HS, causing both players to fly away from each other. So what’s going on?

One possible conclusion is that the winner of the clash is based on the level of the attack (i.e; the amount of hitstun / blockstun an attack produces). Here’s the breakdown of the above using Accent Core attack level values and the result:

CLASH 1:  Sol’s c.S (lv.3) vs Ky’s 6P (lv.3) = Traditional clash

CLASH 2:  Sol’s f.S (lv.3) vs Ky’s HS (lv.4) = Sol recovery

CLASH 3: Sol’s HS (lv.5) vs Ky’s c.S (lv. 4) = Ky recovery

This works out perfectly fine so far until we get to the last one…

CLASH 4: Sol’s 2HS (lv.5) vs Ky’s j.HS (lv.3) = Both recovery.

So, what’s the verdict? I don’t really know, but I will say this. The clash system has always felt a bit lacking compared to the more refined features of the game, and I’m excited to see what they can come up with to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

EDIT: Looks like it’s just a redo of Sol / Ky’s intro from GGAC. Thanks to NovrilTataki for the info.

1:54 – The first new attacks of the game are shown off! Both Sol and Ky have brand new dust attacks, and they’re pretty cool. The most interesting thing about these are they both share a similar start-up feature; a glowing red palm. Perhaps moving towards the territory of making the game easier to play while still keeping it’s mix-up heavy gameplay intact. There’s one major element here that needs to be changed, and that’s the cinematic camera shift. Camera shifts in recent games (SFxT) caused major issues with the feel of the game, and I hope ArcSys is just doing this to show off it’s new 2.5D elements in trailers.

2:10 – Yep, the infamous Dustloop is back. Sol’s lightersword now lights you on fire during it, and fanboys everywhere rejoiced.

2:36 – And we get confirmation of the first four characters in the game. Millia Rage, Eddie, Sol and Ky.


There you have it. The first look we have at Guilty Gear’s 2.5D revival wasn’t much, but they’ve managed to showcase a few interesting changes for those of us that paid attention, and I hope I managed to cover everything.  With modern fighting games shifting away from arcade releases and more towards online play, GG has always been left in the dust with it’s insane mix-up options meant for CRT monitors and lagless input delay. With the transition to a 2.5D style and some obvious design decisions to make the game more approachable, will we finally get a game that has a larger following?

If you have any additional statements, comments, flames or whatever, send me a message on twitter at @koogyplz.