Viscant’s UMvC3 Team Tier List Part 3



Picking up right where we left off, we’re going to touch base on the third and final segment of Viscant’s tier list; Counter teams. These teams may not be among the dominant teams in the game on paper but they each have something worth highlighting that has brought them success in key match-ups.

Trish: Do I fight too dirty?

Trish-b/Vergil-y/Doom-b, Trish-y/Morrigan-y/Phoenix-y, Wesker-b/Trish-b/Dante-y, Trish-b/Wesker-b/Strider-y

Players to watch:
FC | Jago: Wesker/Trish/Dante

Trish is a very difficult character to tier individually. She handles some characters like Wolverine and Wesker spectacularly. She has an assist that is brilliant for resets. She can set up some near guaranteed unblockables with the right team. With the right partner (HIDDEN MISSILES) she can solve her damage problem or at least mitigate it by being able to repeat supers in the corner. She can battery safely and effectively against rushdown characters making her a strong Phoenix escort. Why isn’t she higher?

Simply put her best teams just aren’t as good as other best teams and she can be a liability if the other side has an answer to her and doesn’t have to come in to her. She has some great square jump pressure and arguably has the best dive kick in the game but her game is predicated on the other side fighting hard to get in. When she has to be the aggressor or she’s forced into a spot on the team that doesn’t favor her, her teams fall apart.

Firebrand: Kya kya kya kya (So I heard you like unblockables?)

Firebrand-any/Dormammu-a/SuperSkrull-y, Firebrand-any/Dormammu-a/Amaterasu-y, Firebrand-any/Morrigan-y/SuperSkrull-y

Players to watch:
Zak Bennet: Firebrand/Dormammu/Amaterasu
Toki: Firebrand/Dormammu/Skrull

By now Firebrand’s strategy is very well known. After landing a hit he can either set up unblockable resets or guaranteed snapback resets given the right assist or the right setup. When done flawlessly the game is essentially over in 1 hit. This team would move up the lists if it had more tournament success.
Even if Firebrand fails and/or the unblockable strategy is not a total success, Dormammu and Skrull or Dormammu and Amaterasu can operate well together. A REAL side benefit to this team. It may be among the best equipped to handle Morrigan. Both BT|Dieminion and Chris G mentioned how much they dislike playing zoning characters against Skrull during the lame play panel at UFGT8. Dormammu is another big threat to Morrigan. Add that to the threat of setting up repeated unblockable into snapbacks on her and her assists and you’re giving MorriDoom a lot to think about.

It’s true, Joe has in fact beat Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Viewtiful Joe-a/Dr. Strange-b or y/Morrigan-y, Viewtiful Joe/Frank West-a/Rocket Raccoon-b

Players to watch:
Kusoru: Viewtiful joe/Frank West/Rocket Raccoon
BT|Dieminion: Viewtiful Joe/Dr.Strange/Morrigan

Both of these teams are built in the same way. Viewtiful Joe frustrates you with constant voomerangs and tries to provoke a predictable response. Joe expects you to dash in and try to get underneath his voomerang pressure. When you do, you run into a shopping cart, an eye of agamatto or a giant log out of nowhere, then you get combo’d and frustrated even more.

Other than Morrigan, nobody would argue that these characters are top 20 on their own, but in combination they’ve achieved some great success. BT|Dieminion has rode his fundamentals to multiple top 8s in majors and Kusoru shocked all of the US’s top players with his win at Final Round by carefully following the strategy and catching people rushing in. Given how people want to play Marvel, this team is great. Teams based around Spencer or Wolverine that have a single minded rushdown purpose are simply not equipped to deal with this kind of projectile assault. It remains to be seen whether these teams will hold up as more players try their own hand at zoning but it just goes to show that a well constructed team of “weak” characters can still win in UMvC3.

Storm: All hail the queen

Trish-any/Storm-a/Morrigan-y, Amaterasu-b/Storm-a/Akuma-b, Wesker-b/Storm-a/Akuma-b, Spencer-any/Storm-a/Sentinel-a

The most common Storm teams appear in sections above. Justin Wong plays Wolverine/Storm/Akuma , Fanatiq plays MSS, Dios-X plays Doom/Storm/Sentinel. All of these teams can more properly be classified as being primarily “other” teams and tiered higher even though they take advantage of this strategy as well.

Storm is a mid-tier character who has one trump card in her pocket. She is the single biggest threat to support characters in the game. Her DHC into hail activates instantly. Her team super into hail OTGs, is fast, safe and covers the entire lower portion of the screen, even wiping out Morrigan clone fireballs coming from behind. She can even force early x-factor occasionally; assuming proper spacing, when an assist is caught in the hail storm, the point character cannot push block to reduce damage or else the assist will take some bonus unscaled damage. Rather than taking damage on two characters, sometimes the only decision an opponent can make is an early x-factor which can screw them up for the entire rest of the game.

If someone relies too heavily on a particular assist such as Dante-a, Sentinel-a or Doom-b, Storm holding meter can always make the decision to pick it off and force them to play out the match without their preferred support character. Sometimes taking a team apart from the back can make all the difference.

99th tier: The worst possible team I can come up with.

Chun-Li -B/Phoenix Wright-b/Hsien-Ko-y

Players to watch:
Hopefully not you.

Not only is there no damage on the team, all characters are in the wrong possible spot with the worst possible assist. Even low tier characters can be threatening if put in the right position. Chun needs to be 2nd or 3rd so you can TAC into infinite with her. Phoenix Wright needs help to get into turnabout mode and he can contribute a little with the dog assist. Hsien-Ko is a terrible anchor and needs to be used liberally as a golden armored assist in order to have any real value.

These three characters together could potentially form a team that might actually beat a few other teams but not with these assists or in this order. When you think about why this team fails and how minor tweaks could make it better, you can apply this same type of logic to your own team. Don’t lose to the select screen; give yourself and your characters the best possible chance at victory!